Wedding Photography

All our packages are custom-built, basis the time and exertion required. To determine accessibility and to ask about shooting your wedding, please come in contact!

Why you can’t get rates here?

Each wedding is unique and needs to be sized based on a conversation I will stand with you. I choose to receive a conversation rather that create a long cast for you to fill out online as a cost calculator. So give us a call or text. Wedding photography costs are established based on the number of days that you require us to fritter away. We do NOT charge wedding by the hour or have a circumscribed number of hours that we shoot in a daytime. Over the years, we know that weddings don’t run as per a schedule and it’s difficult to determine the number of hours a photographer can get himself or herself available to the bride and bridegroom. We will be available to you as long as you need us during your special day. Of path, photography requires creativity – then we’ll necessitate to make out a shooting schedule that is realistic.

Package details

Professional charges for shooting by a photo team – traditional and candid style. We will cover all parts of the wedding – right from getting ready till vidai. All memories from the wedding are equally important. A rigorous selection and development process that will result in a coherent wedding story Processed high-resolution images from your wedding functions on a DVD or a pen drive. These will be manually developed, one at a time. Wedding photography packages typically 400-500 images from a two day wedding, and 500-700 images from a three day wedding


Exquisite and finely crafted – nothing but the best for your marriage ceremony pictures! We provide original Canvera album only for our clients as we don’t compromise on their lifelong memoroes with local print options. Each album is custom designed with a clear, contemporary and a classy layout with a focus on large visuals. The album will be the final word on your journey as a couple – and will provide you with fond wedding memories for many generations to come. Albums are available in several price brackets based on paper, no. of sheets and sizes, further details on request.

Honey Moon Shoots

You’ve been after that lovely honeymoon anywhere in globe. You’ve carefully picked a resort, you’ve scoured Expedia to find the best. Alone, you come back with mediocre films that will wither over time. Or worse, pictures with only one of you in it. Available for very select customers and based on availability, we can accompany you for part of your honeymoon for initial time and guarantee you lovely memories of your first few days as a marital pair.